Stress Fat

how stress hormones increase fat on your torso.

Do you have extra fat building on your torso? Releasing stress hormones continually throughout your day may be the culprit. Triggering the fight-or-flight stress response, even for just the slightest annoyance, causes you to build fat in the middle of your body, compromising your arteries and your heart. Here are the five main reasons:

  1. The first flood of hormones, catecholamines, brings fat and glucose to the center of your body so that you have plenty of energy to fight or run away. But most likely, you aren’t fighting or running, so the fat accumulates. Your body also assumes that you need to store fat to survive.
  2. These catecholamine hormones suppress your saliva ducts and your digestive system so that you don’t metabolize your food very well, causing you to store even more fat. This is because digestion takes a great deal of energy, and we need all this energy for survival.
  3. The second flood of hormones, gluco-corticoids do three things that cause fat to store. First, glucose goes out into your blood stream causing a sugar imbalance.
  4. The gluco-corticoids also suppress the thyroid gland which plays a major role in metabolism.
  5. The corticoid hormones cause the fat cells in your abdominal region to expand.

No matter what workout or diet you try, stress may still build this nasty belly fat. The solution is to stop releasing these hormones so often. I know this first hand. As I look back, I started building stress fat at age 15, when, even as a distance runner, I seemed to not have a defined waist – or at least not as defined as I wanted. I remember asking my mother about it, and I know that she didn’t want me eating any less food than I was, so she just told me that that was the way God had designed me.  Then later, I blamed all this belly fat on having three children. Not my fault, right?!

In 2010, when I created my simple Pressure-Free method, and used it every day, the belly fat just started to diminish. After about 6 weeks, there was a noticeable difference, and for the first time in my adult life, I felt like I had a defined waist! Every morning I walk my dog, and when I turned West in the morning light and could see my shadow, I really noticed a difference in my shape. I also noticed that when I sat down, instead of my fat protruding, my belly started to indent. I don’t really have a full length mirror in my house, so I am not really away of my body’s shape other than how I experience it myself.  All of this change made me wonder how my heart and arteries have changed?!

I really love coaching people and helping them reduce belly fat, plus helping people maximize their body’s ability to digest food properly is truly rewarding. Help me spread the word! Share this post with others, and comment below to inspire others!

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