Who are Your Champions?

Who are your champions? Who can you count on for encouragement? friendship? comfort? Throughout my schooling, I have had many wonderful champions. Professors, coaches and teachers that pushed me. Hard! Starting in 2010, thanks to the advice of Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen in their book Cash in a Flash, I asked a prominent business person to be my mentor. I seriously doubt that Pressure-Free would have been born without this champion in my life. My family members also pushed me to do things I never even considered to launch Pressure-Free. My video coach, Maria Andros, helped me get over the fear of getting in front of the camera so that I could share my simple Pressure-Free method out all over the world. The hockey moms I spend hours with in the stands as we watched our children on the ice are a group that comes together in times of need in truly amazing ways.

Perhaps this is a time when you can reach out and broaden your connections, grow your list of champions…

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