The Power of Qualifying Your Agenda

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The power of qualifying your agenda: One goal-setting step I share with clients is to qualify everything on your agenda for your day with an adjective that describes how you want to feel while you are doing each activity. In other words, you set an intention about your emotional state rather than falling prey to the emotions of others, or your own negative emotions. I do this work at night for the next day, and the results are tangible. Even a dental appointment or an oil change can lead to game-changing opportunities when your are in a positive emotional state. A few years ago the night before I was bringing my car in for an oil change, I wrote “fabulous” next to it on my planner, and I decided in that moment to use my time there working on my ebook that I was creating for my course. I filled a bag with all that I would need for this work, and the next day, I spread everything on a sofa in the waiting room, and got to work with a smile on my face. A woman came over and asked me what I was doing. When I told her, she asked if I would come speak to her cancer support group. Having lost my mother to cancer, I was elated to go. At that small group meeting was a woman who would become my private client and experience transformative results from working with me, and she has since recommended others to me. She came that night because the topic intrigued her. I came because I seemed approachable by the organizer of the support group. If I had been in a crappy mood while my car was being worked on, the organizer would never have approached me and many people would not have been freed from stress and anxiety. How we show up matters. 


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