Do you ever have one of those days when things don’t go as planned?

Or maybe your computer is just slow?

No matter how carefully you may plan your day, the unexpected can happen, or in my case, today my computer was just extremely slow, or at least felt like it! One of my Pressure-Free tools is to create some slogans: short phrases you can say out loud or in your head to prevent triggering excess stress hormones. You can use your slogans when the unexpected shows up. Here are come of mine:

Stay up! (I lift my posture and imagine that I am staying above the problem or situation so that I can gain perspective.)

Let it go! (Is it really worth going into fight-or-flight and messing up my mind and body for hours over this?)

Go with the flow! (Great ’70’s phrase. Peace out. Stay frosty. Chill out.)

Caught you! (This is my favorite. I roll my eyes up as if I am looking into my brain at the negative voice that is starting to chatter and stop it before it messes with me.)

Some of my clients use spiritual slogans. Some are really humorous. I’m curious; what words come to mind to keep you positive and prevent you from reacting negatively?
















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