Saving time and hassle with an online scheduler.

It seems like a decade ago, getting together for business meetings and for pleasure was a lot easier. I recently tried to schedule a meeting with an organization that a few years back would have set the meeting that very week. Instead, I was told I would need to wait over two months!! And two decades ago, we all responded to calls and correspondence within 24 hours, often meeting the same day. Now, you are lucky if people return your text, email or phone call ever!

I like efficiency. Several years ago, I started using an online calendar scheduler to schedule appointments with clients, prospects and even personal get togethers. It has saved me and those who connect with me the hassle of going back and forth trying to find a date and time to meet. There are several out there in the ether. My needs are simple, so I use TimeTrade. I send a link to the person with whom I am connecting and they click and choose a time to meet by phone, webinar or in person. Then I receive an email notification and sync it to my calendars. I have received many compliments over the years for this simple way to connect. It’s saved me so much time and is cost-effective.

One aspect of my performance coaching is assisting my clients with how time is a stressor. Here is what one graduate student said about how working with me helped her:

As a college student, I know that time is very precious. I also believe that time is money, and one session with Elle has saved me well over 10 hours each week because of the tools I was given. If you are busy person, especially a student, I urge you to have this life-changing experience! – Parita Shah

Click here if you would like to see my online calendar, and learn more about Pressure-Free Performance.


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