How do you know if stress is the cause?

Here are some quick tips to help you tell if stress is affecting you.

I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t think I needed my own course. I thought I was a fairly calm professional. Quite successful. I achieved the goals I set for myself, often way ahead of my timelines. But when I started doing deeper research, and started really taking a look at myself, I knew that I was truly under the influence of stress hormones continually. All day. All night. You see, I was in denial. The perfectionist in me didn’t want to admit that I was being affected by stress. And I seemed to bounce back quickly from situations. However I didn’t know that the hidden effects last for hours. It takes up to nine hours for the male body to dissipate the stress hormones out of the cells and get back to “normal.” For females, the cycle lasts up to 24 hours. When I learned this, I realized that the last time I was completely clean of these nasty little hormones that damage our minds and bodies was when I was 2 or 3 years old.

So in April of 2010, when I created Pressure-Free, I got out of denial, and began to work on myself. Within weeks, I experienced changes. My skin started looking better and better. My eczema that I had had for 35 years disappeared. Stress fat reduced. I stopped grinding my teeth. I stopped reacting so negatively in situations, and started choosing my response. I am still a work in progress. I’m human, and sometimes the unexpected throws me for a loop. But now, using the Pressure-Free method, I get back to my true self – my authentic self without the crazy stress and overwhelm – faster.

In this fb live video, I share a way for you to self-assess. And you can sign in, right on this page, for a checklist and my 3-step method. When you start learning all of this, you may wish that you could have learned this all years ago. But we can’t go back. Just start now. Celebrate this moment. If you are reading this, watching the video, and clicking to get the checklist, you just made a decision that may be one of the most powerful ones you will ever make. -Elle



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