Do you ever feel like placing an “Out-of-Order” sign on your forehead?!

Do you sometimes feel great one moment, and then totally crappy a little later?

Most of us are experiencing a daily rollercoaster ride of emotions. Up one moment, down the next. Do you ever sabotage your good moments? You can hear yourself doing it. You start complaining about something; you pull back from your lover right during an intimate moment; you start picking on someone or arguing about something rather pointless.

Dr. Gay Hendricks calls this the “upper limit problem.” We only give ourselves permission to feel so good, and then we find ways to trigger – stress hormones will do it fast – so that we lose the great feeling we were having just a few moments before. I’ve begun calling these limits glass ceilings. We have glass ceilings for how much success we feel we deserve in our professions, in our athletic endeavors, in our relationships, even in our health. We are comfortable in our mess, no matter how painful it is. It can give us an excuse to give up, to not participate, to drink, to self-medicate.

I’ve created a tool I call the Dial to bring awareness to this glass ceiling phenomenon. In my coaching I go into the science of why we have these ceilings. For the purpose of this blog, I simply want to give you a tool you can use right away to start changing the trajectory of your emotions. I want to help you get off the rollercoaster and experience Pressure-Free Living!

Remember the mood rings of the seventies (they’re making a comeback!) Well, this is an imaginary mood dial right on your chest. You can change up these setting to words that work for you. Perhaps something a little stronger? Typically your dial is set at OK-Good. Whenever something great or in your genius zone area occurs, I want you to imagine twisting the dial so that great-genius zone is at the top, and hold it there. Be aware in the next minutes or hours to see if you try to self-sabotage, and hold fast to your dial. Permit yourself to feel great, to live in your genius zone for as long as possible in your day! Yes, it takes practice. We have LOADS of habits of reaction that will want to take you out, make you feel crappy. You deserve to live a fulfilling, amazing life. My mission here at Pressure-Free is to help you experience a NEW NORMAL, free of stress hormone release, no matter what pressures come your way.

Here is my video from my fb live show today. I honor three NFL players who took their own lives.

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