“It’s a 24/7 Controlled Burn on the Inside.”

What do your medical records say about you?

“It’s a 24/7 Controlled Burn on the Inside.”

That’s what an accomplished attorney once shared with me about how he felt stress was affecting him. You wouldn’t know it. He seemed remarkably calm and controlled. He worked out three times a week, and was fastidious about the way he presented himself. But his high blood pressure, digestive issues, and ulcers told a different story.

What do your medical records say about you? If you had to post them publicly, like on Linkedin, what would they reveal? What would your blood test reveal? Do you finish your stressful day and turn to alcohol or other substances to unwind? Would something show up in a urine test?

When I survey clients, especially those in leadership or high-stress positions, they often share their anxiety about their health, and their deeper emotional health. For many of them, the number one issue bothering them is their inability to control their weight. No time to exercise or eat properly.

Over the years, I have heard CEO’s and Presidents of companies, pilots and physicians show concern about the results of their annual or bi-annual physicals. For some professions, one test can be career-ending. For others, it’s the proverbial wake-up call that changes the course of career and private life.

Let’s turn the question on it’s head. What would you like your medical records to say about you? Your test results? Your blood pressure? Consider the position you hold, and ask yourself that if you were going to replace yourself, what kind level of health would you expect your replacement to exhibit? Would you hire you, knowing everything you do about yourself?

A year ago, I was the closing keynote at a medical seminar and the opening speaker was sharing the medical costs of chronic disease for corporate America. He shared that 80% of visits to physicians are due to chronic conditions. All chronic conditions can be reduced and even eliminated with effective stress reduction. So why don’t people make the changes necessary? It seems to hard to change. Their “why” isn’t compelling enough. We have all sorts of small addictions. We lack willpower.

And it’s a vicious cycle, because any time you feel angry, anxious, annoyed or ashamed, you are likely to trigger the stress response that lowers willpower, exacerbates chronic conditions, and leads to overwhelm. Your cells are caught in a cycle of two floods of hormones that last up to nine hours for males, and up to 24 hours for females. Chronic stress. And now our children are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

It’s time to embrace new human technologies, to harness the power of the human mind through emotional resilience, to prevent these floods of hormones. I created the Pressure-Free Method to fast-track reduction of stress hormone release so that you can reduce stress without taking time off or slowing down. It’s a method you use all day, every day. A simple discipline with profound results.

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