Dialed In

Simple Steps to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Fear of Failure

Have you ever wished that you didn’t get so nervous before a meeting, performance or athletic event? Do you feel your heart pound? Do your hands get sweaty? Maybe your face even turns red and it’s hard to breathe?

Do you feel like you’re letting someone down when you don’t perform at your best? Do you struggle with fear of failure?

What if you could learn simple routines that lessen, and then over time, eliminate those feelings? What if you could improve your performance both mentally and physically?

Welcome to Dialed In. A course I have built specifically for performance anxiety and fear of failure. Just click here to order!

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

Five modules ($997 Value) each with three live training videos of 10-20 minutes all designed to help you quickly learn the Pressure-Free Method and take easy action.

Module 1: How to Use Your Body to Focus Your Mind

Module 2: How to Use Your Mind to Calm Your Body

Module 3: Letting Go of Self-Sabotaging

Module 4: Overcoming Your Fear of Failure With Your Own APP

Module 5: Ready-Set-GO: Routines and Recovery to Stay DIALED IN

Worksheets for each module designed to help you take action and stay on course.

Access to Team Pressure-Free, my private facebook group.

And for a special treat, I’m also including:

  • A live training in the private fb group with Q&A at the end for you. ($497 value)
  • My Quantum Leap ebook ($19 value)
  • Two tickets to my next live event ($1,000 value)

PLUS, A FAST-ACTING BONUS: if you click and purchase this course within 24 hours, I’ll give you a complimentary strategic planning 60-minute private call with me to help you create your plan! ($500 value)

Dialed In is a combined value of $3,013. Click here to order yours today for a HUGE discount!

See you on the other side of the screen!