Do It Yourself Courses


I’ve created Do-It-Yourself courses for you with videos, notes, worksheets – everything you need to take your life to the next level! Just click on the graphics below to learn more about each course:

Here are your choices. Just click, and you will go right to my product store (my store uses paypal, so click that option on the form,  and you can use any credit card.) If you want to speak with us about which course would work best for you, click here to schedule a time that works conveniently for you.

Optimal Performance

Normally priced at $997, this course shows you how to reduce stress, anger and anxiety quickly and effectively. It shows simple steps to improve your health, improve your cognitive function, boost your immune system, enhance your physical performance, and create better relationships at home and at work.

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Brand NEW! Millennial Millions

This course is for 18-30-year-old entrepreneurs, game-changers, and business owners. It shows you how to perform on the fast-track without all the stress and burnout. You’ll learn negotiating tips, speaking tips, money tips, and, most of all, how to step into your full potential.

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Brand NEW Parenting Course!!

What if you could learn the Pressure-Free Method, and teach it to your children? This course is for parents who are looking for ways to help their children become more emotionally resilient, reduce test anxiety, and social anxiety. It will help your family become healthier and happier with more emotional trust.

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Unique Weight Loss Course!

This course gets to the heart of weight gain in the 21st century: stressful lifestyles and lack of willpower. You will learn many different tools to help you begin the weight loss process that are unique and effective. If you’re tired of trying the latest diet and exercise, this could be the break-through you are looking for.

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Dialed In – A course for Performers, Speakers, Athletes:

Performance anxiety and fear of failure can be overwhelming. In this course, you will learn how to bring your A-game to any speech, concert, dance, ball field, court or arena. Lots of great bonuses, too!

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Pressure-Free Money Course

Is Money Stressing You Out? In this course, I show you how to take simple steps to earn what you are truly worth, take care of your money, and account for it. If you’ve had money troubles in the past, or simply want to create better systems for 2019, this is for you.

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