Pressure-Free Performance

Helping high-achievers perform better, with less stress and anxiety.

Here’s Why Pressure-Free Performance Works

The cornerstone of this coaching is learning to prevent fight-or-flight stress by managing your reactions and gaining emotional resiliency. Freeing your body of stress hormones will change how you think, feel and act. You will learn more than 40 proven techniques for reducing stress, changing your habits of reaction, managing time, prioritizing, planning, healing your body and your mind, and much more. You can experience benefits immediately. During the first few months, you will be learning to master the method and apply it in all aspects of your life. Once mastered, I help you sustain and grow your knowledge, understanding, and ability to take on new endeavors and challenges.

You will discover how to:

  • stop stress at its source, in seconds
  • perform with less anxiety
  • overcome overwhelm
  • develop a mindset and habits of success
  • identify and un-program limiting beliefs.
  • develop emotional resiliency
  • achieve more through planning
  • solve problems in a calm, focused manner
  • craft routines that support your endeavors
  • improve your health and physical performance
  • enhance your willpower
  • interact with others more authentically and effectively

I  provide you with:

  • tools to envision what is truly possible and attainable.
  • a shortcut to saving time, energy, money and health.
  • techniques based on science and experience that you can quickly understand and use.
  • the support you need to overcome resistance, be open, coachable, and to do the work.
  • my commitment to be with you, in the trenches, when it counts the most.

Programs Include:                     3-months          6-months             12-months          

  • 1 hour coaching sessions   9 sessions  $4,500    18 sessions  $9,000     36 sessions $18,000  
  • On-the-go Conversations         6 calls  $1,000            12 calls  $2,000            24 calls  $4,000 
  • Observation/VIP                        2 hours  $2,000          4 hours  $4,000            8 hours  $8,000 
  • All Online Courses                                   $1,500                            $1,500                            $1,500                                              

Total Value              3-months $8,500  6-months $16,500  12-months $31,500

Your investment: Confidential.

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