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Simple Steps to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Fear of Failure

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This online course by High Performance Coach Elle Ingalls is ideal for anyone suffering from performance anxiety, test anxiety, or feeling like just don't have what it takes to be successful.

Professionals, business owners, athletes, entrepreneurs and high school and college students can all benefit from learning my simple formulas that reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

In addition to learning my Pressure-Free Method, you will have a 6-step formula that you can apply to any place in your life where you feel stuck or feel you are underachieving.

When you invest in this course, you will receive Five Powerful Sessions filled with simple tools you can start using right away.

Each session includes 3-4 short videos, worksheets and bonuses.

Included Sessions:

Session 1

How to Use Your Body to Focus Your Mind (even if your thoughts are racing, or you feel anxious or depressed)

Session 2

How to Use your Mind to Calm Your Body (even if your palms get sweaty, and you feel shaky and uncoordinated)

Session 3

Letting Go of Self-Sabotage (even if you feel like you're your own worst enemy)

Session 4

Overcoming Fear of Failure by Creating Your Own APP: Action-Oriented Personal Plan

Session 5

Ready, Set, Go: Routines and Recovery Tools to Help You Stay Dialed In

Course Value: $1,250

PLUS these great BONUSES:

One complimentary one-on-one coaching session with Elle Ingalls - Value $500

Two tickets to any live workshop or retreat that Elle hosts - Value $500

Total Value for you is: $2,250

Your Investment: Only $497!

What Others Are Saying About Elle Ingalls


A year ago stress had taken over my life and was affecting me both physically and emotionally. With the help of Elle, who is an absolutely incredible coach, and her marvelous tool belts, I am now back in control and using her tools to keep stress from creeping back into my life.

Melanie Brim


President and CEO of Michigan Health Council


When starting this program I had one goal in mind: to be free of stress. After completing just two of the sessions, I started to see myself be stress-free. I’ve been using the tools in school as well as in tennis. I find myself feeling smoother with my swing, and I have my breathing under control. These tools that I have learned have been a tremendous help in my life. 

Stanley Lassen


High School Athlete

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