Optimal Performance

3 Steps to Reduce Stress, Anger and Anxiety for Improved Health and Performance

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This is for you if you are looking for a competitive edge, want to reduce stress without taking time off or slowing down, or want to feel younger and be healthier.

Professionals, business owners, athletes, entrepreneurs, parents and high school and college students can all benefit from learning my simple formulas that reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

When you invest in this course, you will receive Six Powerful Sessions filled with simple tools you can start using right away.

Each session includes 4 short videos, worksheets and bonuses.

Included Sessions:

Session 1

The Eye-Opener
You’ll be empowered by learning how stress really affects you and why you feel and act the way you do. Plus you’ll get a Pressure-Free starter tool to begin making the changes you want.

Session 2

The Nine Basic Tools
You’ll start identifying the causes of your stress - the surface ones and the deeper ones, and you’ll be ready to stop stress fast with nine effective tools.

Session 3

The Nine Mind Tools
Simple steps to help you break limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, and increase your positive mindset and abundance.

Session 4

The Nine Health Tools
The session includes a simple formula you can use to improve your healing from workouts, injury, and surgery AND use the moment.

Session 5

The Nine Life-Crafting Tools
You’ll get some time management tools and goals setting formulas to start designing your life that is now less-stressed!

Session 6

The Recovery Tools
I’ll show you what to do when, on the rare occasion, you do trigger the stress response, so that you recover faster. And we’ll recap all the tools.

Course Value: $1,500

PLUS these great BONUSES:

One complimentary one-on-one coaching session with Elle Ingalls - Value $500

Two tickets to any live workshop or retreat that Elle hosts - Value $500

Total Value for you is: $2,500

Your Investment: Only $497!

What Others Are Saying About Elle Ingalls


Elle’s stress management and life design techniques belong in the toolbox of everyone striving for more in life. With so much of our success hinging on how we manage emotion and stress, Elle gives us the fastest and easiest path to a winner’s mindset. 

Robert G. Allen


Author of "Multiple Streams of Income"


After just two training sessions, I have improved my ability to manage pressure situations in a way that has substantially reduced my mental and physical stress levels. I was so impressed, I hired Elle to train my entire staff.

Karl Dehn


Economic Development Executive

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