Pressure-Free Money

How to Attract It and Account For It

(even if you’re deep in debt and have never been able to budget)

This is for you if you feel you should be further along financially, if you’ve been sticking your head in the sand when if comes to your finances or if you are finally ready to start building a solid financial foundation.

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When you invest in this course, you will receive Five Powerful Sessions (now includes a special bonus session) filled with videos and worksheets to show you what to do, step by step, to gain traction and start improving your money story.

Included Sessions:

Session 1

Your Money Mindset
You'll learn simple ways to start making the shift from scarcity to abundance to change up your money story.

Session 2

Your Balance Sheet
I help you get your head out of the sand, and really figure out your net worth. Plus understand your intangible assets that help you create wealth - like your skills, talents, knowledge and connections.

Session 3

Your Budget
I will show you, step-by-step, how to create a budget unlike anyone else! A simple method that makes so much sense and is easy to use.

Session 4

Your Plan to Boost and Reduce
You’ll create a simple plan of actions you can take to boost what you own and what you, and/or reduce what you owe and what you spend. The slightest changes produce results!

Session 5

Your Resourcefulness
Simple steps to boost your resourcefulness by opening your vision to what’s possible and to all the resources around you.


A recap of the tools in this course and support for you as you start working on your plan.

Course Value: $1,500

PLUS these great BONUSES:

One complimentary one-on-one coaching session with Elle Ingalls - Value $500

Two tickets to any live workshop or retreat that Elle hosts - Value $500

Total Value for you is: $2,500

Your Investment: Only $497!

What Others Are Saying About Elle Ingalls


When you are ready, the teacher will come…just completed five weeks with this amazing life coach. I highly recommend Elle Ingalls and her program, Pressure Free Living.  

Shari Carney



The tools which are taught in the course are very practical and simple to incorporate in one’s everyday life. I have become a better mother for my daughter, a better boss for my employees and just an overall better person for the world.

Kyra Wallace


Non-Profit Executive

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