Pressure-Free Weight Loss

How to Up-Level Your WIllpower and Make SImple Lifelong Shifts to Lose Weight, Keep it Off and Look and Feel Amazing

This is for you if you are stressing about your weight. If you’re tired of trying on clothes and not liking how they look on you, or if you have tried so many ways to lose weight and nothing is working.

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When you invest in this course, you will receive Six Powerful Sessions filled with videos, worksheets and simple tools you can start using right away.

Included Sessions:

Session 1

Boost Your Will Power
How to Instantly Boost Your Willpower and Start Reducing Stress Fat. You’ll learn the fastest way to begin gaining control of your emotions and stop the stress cycle that builds all that belly fat and fat around your heart.

Session 2

Food for Fuel Formula
How to use my Food for Fuel Formulal to more easily lose weight and improve your digestion. Any of the tools I share here can help you start to make progress.

Session 3

Freeing Your Body
Simple steps to free your body to move and improve your shape. Release the tension and fear that keeps fat locked on you and learn to expand your range.

Session 4

Stepping Into Belief
Creating routines that help you stay on course and reach your goals. Habits can be hard to break, and hard to create. You’ll gain insight on how to make small shifts to help make it easier.

Session 5

What to Do When The Going Gets Tough
Ways to re-focus, re-set and recover when you’ve slipped. Let’s be honest. Change can be hard. And there are times when we fall back. These are tools to help you re-start.

Session 6

Fast-Track Goal-Setting Formula
I’ll show you my formulas for creating goals, plans and ways to make sure you stay on your path for life-long success with your health and your body.

Course Value: $1,500

Original Price: $497


Your Investment: Only $297!

What Others Are Saying About Elle Ingalls


Before working with Elle, I would get angry and slam my stick every time a goal went in. From the first session, noticed a difference. Instead of getting angry, I thought about how could I make it better. I respect myself more, and I respect others more.

Reid Daniels


College Hockey Player


What an eye-opening experience! I learned so much about what stress can do to your body. Elle’s program teaches you to stop the stress before it creeps in. She provides you with many different tools, and I have used most of them!! This program is really life changing!! Anyone can benefit from it.

Ann Gallagher


College Instructor

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