Elle’s stress management and life design techniques belong in the toolbox of everyone striving for more in life. With so much of our success hinging on how we manage emotion and stress, Elle gives us the fastest and easiest path to a winner’s mindset. 

Robert G. Allen


Author of "Multiple Streams of Income" and other New York Times Bestsellers


Elle is wise, gifted, generous and skilled coach and teacher of the Pressure-Free Method. After only two sessions, I made significant improvements in the way I approach my life and manage my stress. I have tools that I already use daily and feel calmer and more in control of myself and my life, my thinking is clearer and my body is far more relaxed. The Pressure-Free Method is something everyone should learn and use. I will not only continue to use these tools in my life but will teach them to my therapy clients as well. Thank you, Elle, for your many contributions. I am so grateful to know you!

Devorah Steinberg


Spiritual Coaching, Therapy & Yoga


After two months of not booking any high ticket clients in my business and dealing with the stress, fear and uncertainty, I had an opportunity to learn the Pressure-Free method from Elle. I immediately put them into practice and saw a drastic change in my being and my reactions to stressful situations. Then, two days after her coaching, I booked a $5000 client out of the blue. I am incredibly thankful for Elle’s method and I’m blown away by her passion to help people stop being victims of stress and start achieving lives full of joy. Thank you, Elle, from the bottom of my heart, for your wisdom, guidance, support and your Pressure-Free method! 

Heather Chesky


Photographer and Professional Business Coach


The tools which are taught in the course are very practical and simple to incorporate in one’s everyday life. I have become a better mother for my daughter, a better boss for my employees and just an overall better person for the world.

Kyra Wallace


Non-Profit Executive


Elle is a rare combination of right and left-brain thinking, and this quality helps her to create imaginative approaches to stress management for different audiences. After thirty years in business development, I can point to a few winners. This is the best of the best.  

Jim Hettinger


Economic Development Specialist


We had Elle Ingalls present her “Pressure Free Living” program to the entire team.  The great thing about the program is that team members could apply what they learned not just in their work life but also in their personal lives as well.  The employees really loved the program, and afterward Elle came in and did some special follow-up sessions with our Call Center team.  The program had a positive impact and helped team members better cope with the pressures of everyday living.

Ted Parsons


CEO of OMNI Community Credit Union


A year ago stress had taken over my life and was affecting me both physically and emotionally. With the help of Elle, who is an absolutely incredible coach, and her marvelous tool belts, I am now back in control and using her tools to keep stress from creeping back into my life.

Melanie Brim


President and CEO of Michigan Health Council


After just two training sessions, I have improved my ability to manage pressure situations in a way that has substantially reduced my mental and physical stress levels. I was so impressed, I hired Elle to train my entire staff.

Karl Dehn


Economic Development Executive


Elle Ingalls worked with our baseball program at Kellogg Community College. Our players were able to gather invaluable information in just two sessions. We all left with some “tools” that we could utilize in helping us achieve peak performance. The Bruin baseball family is grateful for Elle’s support!

Eric Laskovy


Head Baseball Coach


Working with Elle helped me identify several unknown stress triggers that impeded my ability to relax. Her approach to eliminating stress is already making a significant difference in my life.  Thank you, Elle.

Nico Fischer


Business Consultant


One of the biggest problems I had before Pressure-Free was that I was spending nearly three hours a day commuting. I remember Elle asking me to describe my ideal work situation and I said that I would love to work in my own town. This would save me literally thousands of dollars a year and hundreds of hours. But I didn’t believe this would ever be a reality for me. I used many of the tools Elle shared with me, and less than two years later I was called to apply for a position in my own town. I now work less than five minutes from home. I am very thankful for the work that Elle does, helping people achieve their dreams!

Gail Suess Brandow


Art Teacher


Elle presented the basic strategies of Pressure-Free Living to the Community Schools’ K-4 teachers. Throughout the year, they comment on how, by using the strategies, they were able to work with parents and students without feeling as frustrated or stressed as they have in the past.

Wendy Van Geison


Director of Curriculum and Assessment


What an eye-opening experience! I learned so much about what stress can do to your body. Elle’s program teaches you to stop the stress before it creeps in. She provides you with many different tools, and I have used most of them!! This program is really life changing!! Anyone can benefit from it.

Ann Gallagher


College Instructor


When starting this program I had one goal in mind: to be free of stress. After completing just two of the sessions, I started to see myself be stress-free. I’ve been using the tools in school as well as in tennis. I find myself feeling smoother with my swing, and I have my breathing under control. These tools that I have learned have been a tremendous help in my life. 

Stanley Lassen


High School Athlete


I no longer stress over things out of my control. Being free of the burden of stress, I have been able to enjoy life more than ever before!

Joe Van Geison


College Student


After the first session I felt stronger, like no challenge was unconquerable. As the sessions went on, I noticed I was doing better than I ever thought I could. In 8th grade, I was struggling to maintain B’s in my harder classes. I soon had all A’s. As for my cross country, after all my sessions I had nearly broken my goal by 2 minutes. I can’t tell you how much this has changed my life. My advice to anyone is to take these sessions and start living stress-free. You have no idea what you can accomplish until you don’t have stress anymore.

Nick Newton


High School Athlete


As a college student, I know that time is very precious. I also believe that time is money, and one session with Elle has saved me well over 10 hours each week because of the tools I was given. If you are a busy person, especially a student, I urge you to have this life-changing experience!

Parita Shah


College Student


When you are ready, the teacher will come…just completed five weeks with this amazing life coach. I highly recommend Elle Ingalls and her program, Pressure Free Living.  

Shari Carney



Before working with Elle, I would get angry and slam my stick every time a goal went in. From the first session, noticed a difference. Instead of getting angry, I thought about how could I make it better. I respect myself more, and I respect others more.

Reid Daniels


College Hockey Player


After the first session with Elle, my son was more relaxed and confident. In his next race, he took nearly 40 seconds off of his time. Elle’s coaching is a big reason my son was able to earn a college scholarship in cross-country and track.

Joseph Newcomb


Parent of College Athlete


After just a few sessions of this extremely beneficial program, I started living stress-free. The many tools Mrs. Ingalls taught me have came in handy, especially when I play sports. I and others have seen a drastic change in the way I handle my stress. For example, before games I always bit my nails, but after just a few sessions I had nails again because of the tools I was taught to use in stressful situations.

Natalie Gallagher


High School Athlete


Over the season she gave our hockey team multiple sessions. These sessions had a definite impact on many of the athletes and made an impact on myself as well. Her system makes you take a moment to think before you react to life’s situations. I personally have corrected my bad posture and try to empty any negative thoughts I might have. 

Dan Jones


High School Athlete


Aside from the excellent techniques I learned (most of which I implement on a regular basis), Mrs. Ingalls explained to me the importance of having/writing down goals. My dream job is to be a Div. I basketball coach. Without [her teaching], I am not sure if I would find myself at this moment possessing a letter from one of my coaching idols [Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski].

Ben Tanoff


College Student

Ready to speak with Elle about what's possible for you or your group?

Ready to speak with Elle about what's possible for you or your group?

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