What if you’re living at only half of your potential? What if there’s a smarter way?

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Do you wish that you could live with more energy and passion?

Wake up energized and focused.

Experience loving, fulfilling relationships.

Make the money you’re worth.

Be seen for your gifts and talents.

In other words, you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Afraid that stress is going to cause you to lose your health.

You’re ready to get off the emotional roller coaster.

Step off the hamster wheel.

Stop over-reacting in situations.

Stop feeling so beat up.

Stop gaining so much weight.

You’re looking for a fast, simple solution.

A solution that doesn’t require you to slow down or take time off.

Because you don’t have time to waste.

And you know that if you don’t make a change soon, there will be consequences.

You’re ready to start living Pressure-Free.

No matter what challenges or pressures come your way, you no longer over-react.

People can trust your emotional response.

Your mind is sharper, your decision-making is more clear and thorough.

Your body has less stress fat, better blood pressure, less aches and pains.

Your skin looks younger, healthier and you feel vibrant.

Your digestion is working better for you.

And you FINALLY get a quality night’s sleep!

I’m Elle Ingalls, creator of the Pressure-Free Method. The On-The-Go Stress-Management Method.

You are in the right spot if you are looking to change the trajectory of any area of your life. Because stress messes with all of it. Now is your time to shine. To learn the fastest, most effective method to reduce the damaging effects of stress on your health, your love life and your career, while up-leveling (and uncovering!) your dreams and goals.

I’ll show you how. You can get started today with a Do-It-Yourself Course, or schedule a strategy call with me to see if private coaching is the best way for you to achieve the fastest progress. 

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get-testimonial-robert-allen-portrait-shadowed-1312Elle’s stress management and life design techniques belong in the toolbox of everyone striving for more in life. With so much of our success hinging on how we manage emotion and stress, Elle gives us the fastest and easiest path to a winner’s mindset. Robert G. Allen, author of Multiple Streams of Income and other New York Times Bestsellers


After two months of not booking any high ticket clients in my business and dealing with the stress, fear and uncertainty, I had an opportunity to learn the Pressure-Free method from Elle. I immediately put them into practice and saw a drastic change in my being and my reactions to stressful situations. Then, two days after her coaching, I booked a $5000 client out of the blue. I am incredibly thankful for Elle’s method and I’m blown away by her passion to help people stop being victims of stress and start achieving lives full of joy. Thank you, Elle, from the bottom of my heart, for your wisdom, guidance, support and your Pressure-Free method! – Heather Chesky, Professional Business Coach and Photographer




test-karl-dehnAfter just two training sessions, I have improved my ability to manage pressure situations in a way that has substantially reduced my mental and physical stress levels. I was so impressed, I hired Elle to train my entire staff.  Karl Dehn, Economic Development Executive



The tooltest-kyra-sichingas which are taught in the course are very practical and simple to incorporate in one’s everyday life. I have become a better mother for my daughter, a better boss for my employees and just an overall better person for the world.  Kyra Wallace, Non-Profit Executive



Jim Hettinger: Elle's left and right brain thinkingElle is a rare combination of right and left-brain thinking, and this quality helps her to create imaginative approaches to stress management for different audiences. After thirty years in business development, I can point to a few winners. This is the best of the best.  Jim Hettinger, Economic Development Specialist



Melanie Brim reduced stress.A year ago stress had taken over my life and was affecting me both physically and emotionally. With the help of Elle, who is an absolutely incredible coach, and her marvelous tool belts, I am now back in control and using her tools to keep stress from creeping back into my life.  Melanie Brim, President and CEO, Michigan Health Council



College student Parita ShahAs a college student, I know that time is very precious. I also believe that time is money, and one session with Elle has saved me well over 10 hours each week because of the tools I was given. If you are a busy person, especially a student, I urge you to have this life-changing experience!  Parita Shah, College Student



Baseball coach Eric LaskovyElle Ingalls worked with our baseball program at Kellogg Community College. Our players were able to gather invaluable information in just two sessions. We all left with some “tools” that we could utilize in helping us achieve peak performance. The Bruin baseball family is grateful for Elle’s support!  Eric Laskovy, Head Baseball Coach



Nico Fischer business consultant testimonial

Working with Elle helped me identify several unknown stress triggers that impeded my ability to relax. Her approach to eliminating stress is already making a significant difference in my life.  Thank you, Elle.  Nico Fischer, Business Consultant



College goalie manages angerBefore working with Elle, I would get angry and slam my stick every time a goal went in. From the first session, I noticed a difference. Instead of getting angry, I thought about how could I make it better. I respect myself more now, and I respect others more.   Reid Daniels, College Hockey Player