Health. Happiness. High Performance.

On-The-Go Stress Management
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Health. Happiness. High Performance.

On-The-Go Stress Management for achieving more

Elle Ingalls

Creator of the Pressure-Free Method

Elle is a notable high performance coach, author and speaker. With clients across the world, she is one of the top experts on the fight-or-flight stress response. Her clients include business executives, athletes, health care professionals and high-achieving students.


With over 35 years of experience, Elle is the perfect speaker for your next event. Workplace trainings, conferences, conventions, college campuses, Elle brings your audience tools they can use immediately for less stress and more success.


Welcome to a new kind of coaching that unlocks the power of your mind and body: Pressure-Free. Customized to fit your schedule and lifestyle, Elle helps you reduce stress, anger and anxiety without taking time off or slowing down. You’ll experience fast, real, measurable results.


Do-It-Yourself courses to target key areas of your life.
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What Clients Are Saying

Elle’s stress management and life design techniques belong in the toolbox of everyone striving for more in life. With so much of our success hinging on how we manage emotion and stress, Elle gives us the fastest and easiest path to a winner’s mindset. 


Robert G. Allen

Author of "Multiple Streams of Income" and other New York Times Bestsellers

After just two training sessions, I have improved my ability to manage pressure situations in a way that has substantially reduced my mental and physical stress levels. I was so impressed, I hired Elle to train my entire staff.


Karl Dehn

Economic Development Executive

The tools which are taught in the course are very practical and simple to incorporate in one’s everyday life. I have become a better mother for my daughter, a better boss for my employees and just an overall better person for the world.


Kyra Wallace

Non-Profit Executive

Elle is a rare combination of right and left-brain thinking, and this quality helps her to create imaginative approaches to stress management for different audiences. After thirty years in business development, I can point to a few winners. This is the best of the best.


Jim Hettinger

Economic Development Specialist

A year ago stress had taken over my life and was affecting me both physically and emotionally. With the help of Elle, who is an absolutely incredible coach, and her marvelous tool belts, I am now back in control and using her tools to keep stress from creeping back into my life.


Melanie Brim

President and CEO, Michigan Health Council

As a college student, I know that time is very precious. I also believe that time is money, and one session with Elle has saved me well over 10 hours each week because of the tools I was given. If you are a busy person, especially a student, I urge you to have this life-changing experience!


Parita Shah

College Student

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