Hi, I'm Elle Ingalls.

I created Pressure-Free Living when our two older sons asked me to coach their baseball team in my mental toughness tools. I took my ideas to the coaches and they were enthusiastic about me working with the team, so much so that the head coach, a financial advisor, hired me to be his private coach.

Soon, other people were reaching out to me to coach them, and I got serious about pulling together decades of study and research. Honestly, I feel like I received a download from above to craft this method that solves such a serious problem. 

My approach to wellness is based on being a performer. I’ve been playing violin since I was a child, was a medal-winning college athlete, and the first woman accepted to the orchestral conducting program at the University of Michigan. During those years, I completed a Master of Music and an MBA, while working as orchestra manager and assistant conductor of a symphony.

I have a wide bandwidth and so do most of my clients; I’m a polymath with many interests and abilities. Over the years, I have experienced the effects of stress and powered through even though my body was trying to tell me I had an issue with stress - eczema, stress acne, stress fat, fibrous breast tissue, and more. These sides effects of stress all disappeared when I used the very method I created.

The Pressure-Free Method has saved and enhanced my life, my family's lives, and my clients' lives in ways I could have never dreamed.