Access details for Elle's Pressure-Free Performance Coaching Certification Program

Developed by performance expert Elle Ingalls, this evidence-based Pressure-Free Method of Stress Reduction for Optimal Performance helps high-achieving individuals understand the biological basis of the human stress response so they can eliminate the effects of stress and reach unprecedented levels of performance and health in their lives.

A key element of the Pressure-Free Method is that it is incorporated seamlessly into your daily activities ("on-the-go-stress management") and does not require the addition of another "to-do" to your busy calendar.

  • This program is designed for Coaches, Consultants, and Professionals in high-pressure fields where performance is critical to success.

Benefits of Certification

  • Discover cutting-edge methods to reduce stress so you reach optimal levels of performance and health.
  • Learn how to coach clients in the Pressure-Free Method to help them have even higher levels of satisfaction and achievement in your program.
  • Increase revenue potential by adding this lucrative, transformational training to your suite of services.