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Developed by performance expert Elle Ingalls, this evidence-based Pressure-Free Method of Stress Reduction for Optimal Performance helps high-achieving individuals understand the biological basis of the human stress response so they can eliminate the effects of stress and reach unprecedented levels of performance and health in their lives.

A key element of the Pressure-Free Method is that it is incorporated seamlessly into your daily activities ("on-the-go-stress management") and does not require the addition of another "to-do" to your busy calendar.

This program is designed for:

  • Coaches: life, business, executive, health, and athletic coaches.
  • Consultants who specialize in working with individuals and groups in high-stress positions.
  • Professionals in high-pressure fields where performance is critical to success.

Benefits of Certification

  • Discover cutting-edge methods you can use to reduce stress so you reach optimal levels of performance and health and can serve others without burnout.
  • Learn how to coach clients, patients, staff members, and the teams you lead in the Pressure-Free Method to help them have even higher levels of health, satisfaction, and achievement.
  • Increase your revenue potential by adding this lucrative, transformational training to your suite of services.

Elle has designed this program to make it easy to fit in your schedule.

What others are saying about working with Elle and learning The Pressure-Free Method:

As a mother of four young children working in an executive level job, I thought I was managing my stress well. I prided myself in balancing a long list of responsibilities personally and professionally. It took a mental breakdown for me to realize that I needed help. My stress had caused me to reach a breaking point.

Pressure-Free provides a foundation upon which entire families and workplaces can build their vision for the future with a clear mind.  It's better than so many therapies because it gets to the root cause and provides a path forward.

- Meagan Baker, HR Director

I'm a clinical social worker and I've had my MSW for over 10 years now...not ONCE have I ever heard the effects of stress, coping skills, mindfulness,  emotions,  and triggers be explained as perfectly, and come full circle, as you do.  

I worked in a children's psychiatric hospital for 7 years and I've been exposed to many trainings,  brilliant minds, and many terrible and sad situations.

I respect that you're REAL and don't throw unobtainable goals or skills at people. That happens way too often, and people are more likely to give up...what you're teaching is the complete opposite and you meet people where they're at in life. I LOVE what you are doing.

- Sonya Parry, MSW

Elle gave me tools that I could use every second of every day of my life when I felt that stress coming on and reduce it immediately, if not just get rid of it. It's fantastic.

I became a better boss for my employees, a better mother to my daughter, and an overall better person for the world.

- Kyra Wallace, non-profit executive and speaker

Emma Woodhouse, 2x All-American, UNH Athlete of the Year, nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year, is in the Pressure-Free Certification Program:

I wanted to work with Elle because I wanted to add another skill to my coaching repertoire as pressure is a HUGE part of being an athlete and successful athletes know how to be calm and “pressure-free”.

I also wanted to be Pressure-Free myself. I felt stressed all the time. I was binge-eating, biting my nails, and feeling like I was unable to control myself. I needed something to change.

I’m so much more aware of what triggers the stress response for me. Before, I would be in a downward spiral, unable to figure out why I was getting so worked up. Now I’m able to notice when and why I’m getting stressed as well as having the tools to calm myself down in a matter of seconds!

Her kindness and generosity towards her clients is unmatched. She truly cares so deeply about my transformation as a healthy, Pressure-Free person as well as my business goals. I could not have asked for a better coach.