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Pressure-Free Living Coach

Emma Woodhouse, 2x All-American, UNH Athlete of the Year, nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year, graduate of the

Pressure-Free Certification Program:

I wanted to work with Elle because I wanted to add another skill to my coaching repertoire as pressure is a HUGE part of being an athlete and successful athletes know how to be calm and “pressure-free”.

I also wanted to be Pressure-Free myself. I felt stressed all the time. I was binge-eating, biting my nails, and feeling like I was unable to control myself. I needed something to change.

I’m so much more aware of what triggers the stress response for me. Before, I would be in a downward spiral, unable to figure out why I was getting so worked up. Now I’m able to notice when and why I’m getting stressed as well as having the tools to calm myself down in a matter of seconds!

Her kindness and generosity towards her clients is unmatched. She truly cares so deeply about my transformation as a healthy, Pressure-Free person as well as my business goals. I could not have asked for a better coach. 

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