Coaching for Parents

I provide coaching to parents and students, mostly college age and high school, although I have coached children as young as 10 in the Pressure-Free Method! (See gymnast Mya below.)

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When I started working with Elle, I realized that I didn't want to handle stress in the same way I haphazardly learned to manage it.

During COVID I saw the strain on myself and my teenagers to perform in a very different way and we were failing during a time when failure wasn't an option.

Elle has a beautiful way of questioning your beliefs surrounding stress, expectations, and what life you truly want to build. It didn't feel like work. It felt like open conversation that eventually drove me to the outcomes I truly wanted for me and my family.

-Tiffany Blackman, Business Owner

I've known Elle forever; I played

hockey with her son. In college, we connected at a fortuitous point in my life where, unbeknownst to Elle, I was going through some personal mental health challenges.

I was an ascending leader at the time and right away, I got the benefits of living Pressure-Free, having more self-confidence, and self awareness. The number one benefit is that it puts you in the driver's seat. I just feel that I am in control. And secondly, decision-making ability.

- Joe Van Geison, Founder and Success Coach, Focus Solutions

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I wrote this when a parent I had coached thought it would be great for other parents to have easy access to the Pressure-Free Method.